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About us

The funeral home Bestattungshaus Dresden-Ost was founded as a family company by degreed engineer Karl Strugalla in spring 1990.

We are members of the Association of German Funeral Homes, the State Guild of Morticians in Saxony and partner of the Bestattungsvorsorge Treuhand-AG, a company specialised in funding prearranged funerals.

Degreed engineer Karl Strugalla leads the company and qualified for certified funeral director, assisted by Jörg Strugalla who successfully qualified for certified funeral director in 1997 and certified funeral master in 2010. With one certified funeral director and one certified funeral master our family company possesses all the necessary competence and experience and is also educating trainees.

We, the staff of the funeral home Bestattungshaus Dresden-Ost are aware how painful the loss of a beloved one or close friend is for the bereaved. In this process of saying farewell and letting go a dignified funeral is very important. This is why we consider it our company's most important task to be thorough and truthful and try to realise the desires of our customers.

During our time as an established funeral home we have always managed to combine traditional values with modern developments. We are keen and open for anything new the market has to offer, provided it remains within the boundaries of law. Our flexibility and experience makes all members of our team experts and reliable partners in all questions and obstacles concerning a personal loss. We would like to help and offer our services to everyone, because just like those who have experienced losing someone dear, we are alive and breathing and possess our own thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams.

This is why we accept our responsibility for what it is and guide our customers with a knowing hand.
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