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The trademark of the Association of German Funeral Homes

From development to establishment

The history of the trademark of the Association of German Funeral Homes began in 1952. Over the decades it was developed from an association logo into a symbol and quality trademark for all associated funeral homes.

Today it is a trademark listed in the German Patent and Trademark office and is only granted those associated funeral homes which meet specific quality requirements. In the Federal Republic of Germany there are about 1.100 associated funeral homes which are allowed to have the trademark.

Strongly connected to the trademark is a quality management system which is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001 and is controlled by the Association of German Funeral Homes as well as the Technical Control Board Rhineland.

Goals and advantages of the trademark

The main goal of the trademark is the enlargement of the degree of brand awareness in the public but also improving quality of all associated funeral homes.

This is not only useful for those associated companies but in the end also for the bereaved.

Companies owning the trademark have access to a strong network of the associated funeral homes, which even improves with growing brand awareness. This is the foundation for a strong identity and mutual interests.

Owners of the trademark need to respect the dignity of a deceased person and keep date and agreements shared between bereaved and the funeral home strictly confidential. Furthermore, they need to respect all forms of funeral rites and customs as well as religions, cultures and nationalities. Other services include but are not limited to a complete counselling in all things related to a funeral as well as prearranging funerals.

A funeral home owning the trademark of the Association of German Funeral Homes is thus a provider of personal and technical competence and guarantees the high quality of its services.

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