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Before you start taking a look into our services and work procedures, we would like to thank you for your interest. We know about the difficulties in coping with the hardship of losing someone you love and that chosing a trustworthy partner in these painful moments is not easy.

You might be feeling alone, helpless, lost and desperate. Especially in times like these we are not only confronted by our need to mourn the loss but also with pressing demands and arrangements that need to be made. We hope that we can be a competent partner with the vastness of information we provide. A funeral service will have to be organised and various interactions with departments will become necessary.

In order to avoid getting lost in all this, a trustworthy funeral home is there to help. We will be a caring and competent partner, providing our help and experience with all the necessary tasks and our comfort for the bereaved.

(0049) 0351 - 3160814 or (0049) 0351 - 2684002

(0049) 0351 - 3160816


Below you can find a small map for how to reach us.

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