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Forms of funerals
Earth funeral

The  earth funeral is the interment of the deceased into a grave in the  ground. In Germany the usage of a coffin which meets specific  requirements is mandatory. Furthermore, the earth funeral may only be  executed on a graveyard or property which meets the officially certified  requirements, meaning you may for example not inter the deceased on  your private estate in Germany.

Other requirements to be met  are a specific depth of the grave along with specific measurements. The  coffin has to rest and remain for a certain period of time within the  grave before it can be opened again or the coffin can be moved. This is  determined by the kind of soil the coffin is interred in.
A  minimum of 48 hours after the confirmed moment of death has to pass  before a body can be interred. The maximum amount of time between  confirmation of death and the funeral is 8 days in the German federal  state of Saxony.

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