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Forms of funerals
Fire funeral

The cremation of a body requires a declaration from the deceased during his or her lifetime or a declaration from his or her relatives. The body will be cremated in a crematory where the remains and ash are filled into an ash-capsule. Before the cremation, the deceased will be dressed and embedded into a coffin which will then be burned. You may choose the clothes for the deceased yourself from the ones he or she liked to wear during his or her lifetime or decide on funeral garments from the funeral home’s supply.

In order to confirm the identity of the deceased and prevent mistakes, a medical officer will perform a second post mortem examination before the cremation and the deceased will be ‘labelled’ with his personal data.
After the cremation, the remains are filled into the ash-capsule and a non-corroding firebrick is added which contains the cremation number. The lid of the ash-capsule shows the name of the crematory, the name, date of birth, date of death and the identification number of the deceased.
An ash-capsule may be interred with or without an urn.

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