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Our services

The following services may be used in case of a funeral:

  • taking care of all documentary tasks
  • Earth-, Fire-, Seafunerals as well as special funerals
  • National and international transportation of the deceased
  • Large assortment of coffins, funeral garments, urns and funeral-related items
  • Organising funeral floristics (wreaths, bouquets)
  • Obituary notices for all newspapers
  • Printing of condolence cards and letters of condolence, if desired with a picture of the deceased
  • High-quality photographic works: enlargment, printing on photo paper and canvas, framing of photos
  • Organising funeral orators and musicians for the funeral
  • Notification and cancelling of retirement pension or application for advance payments for widows and widowers
  • Notification of social security departments, insurance companies and other institutions
  • prearranging funerals
  • Consultation in German, Russian or English
  • Booking our own restaurant for you (funeral feast or other activities)

If desired, all consultations may be held at your home or any other location most comfortable for you.

We will try to fulfil our customers' special demands within the possibilities of German law.
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